Doctors successfully perform endoscopic microsurgery for herniated cervical discs

Head of the Spinal Surgery Association Nguyen Van Thach said that for the first time, surgeons of Viet-Duc Hospital have performed a successful endoscopic microsurgery in herniated cervical discs.

Patient Duong Thi Mien, 52 years old, living in the northern province of Nam Dinh has pain neck, nape and right arm for years. Nearly one recent year, she was treated in the province’s hospital yet her pain did not abate.

The patient came to Viet-Duc Hospital where she was diagnosed with herniated cervical discs. Doctors advised her to undertake an endoscopic surgery. The successful operation took 45 minutes.

Mien felt better after the operation and she was discharged one day after the surgery.

Dr. Thach said that endoscopic microsurgery in herniated cervical discs is a complex technique because neck has giant blood vessels, nerves and windpipe. Before, patients with herniated cervical discs had to undertake open operation which left complications after.

By Quoc Lap - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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