Dengue fight foiled by relapse in Dong Nai Province

More children were suffering a dengue relapse this year than during any previous outbreak, a trend that has made it trickier for doctors to manage a disease that has already claimed one life in the southern province of Dong Nai.

Illustrative photo

Illustrative photo

The Children Hospital in Dong Nai yesterday announced to save a kid from relapse of dengue fever. Presently, the children is in stable condition.
Physicians of the infirmary said many children were suffering a dengue relapse this year; some even had three or four times of relapse.
Noticeably, most children suffering relapse experienced kidney, liver and organ failure and some of them with breathing problem had be put on ventilator.
Long-term relapse can lead to death, as medical workers warned.
According to the province’s disease control center, dengue fever this year had abnormal development with the appearance of dengue antigen D1,D2, and D4 viruses.
Test result has shown that most cases have been infected with D2 which causes serious disease even death.
In the second week of September, the province had over 760 dengue inpatients.


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