Counterfeit dietary supplements flooded in internet

The Vietnam Food Administration affirmed it has not granted certificates of food safety for many dietary supplements.

The administration has lately detected that plenty of counterfeit dietary supplements are advertised in internet via social networks and online newspapers with certificates of food safety.
However, the administration confirmed not to issue these certificates of food safety such a case of dietary supplement Hoang Dung at website 
Or, the administration also found out counterfeit certificates of food safety for dietary food Ms. Van product in the northern province of Lai Chau. The fake product has been advertised with competent agency’s confirmation of food safety No. 44492/2017/ATTP-XNCB issued on November 30, 2017 on other social network and newspaper on the internet.
To protect consumer’s health, the administration warned people not to take these above products. Anyone discovering organizations and individuals to sell such products should inform relevant agencies. 

By QUOC LAP – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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