Conjoined twins successfully separated

Doctors at Ho Chi Minh City's Children Hospital No.1 on February 27 successfully separated two conjoined infants in an operation that lasted an hour and a half.

The five-day-old infants, who were born with congenital heart disease, were conjoined from their breastbone and weighed two kilograms each.

The girl twins are reported to be in stable condition at the hospital's intensive care unit, said Dao Trung Hieu, deputy director of the hospital.

"One of the infants has no anus, therefore we had to operate immediately to prevent intestinal infection," Hieu said.

The twins, who were born in a hospital in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang, were transferred to the hospital immediately after their birth, for the life-saving surgery.

Source: Vietnamplus

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