‘Callisia Fragrans’ plant has medicinal value

The plant known as ‘Callisia Fragrans’ has been found to have great medicinal value in the treatment of many diseases, according to a report presented at a science seminar organized by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology on January 30.

Prof. Nguyen Van Hung, Chairman of the Academy’s Scientific Council, said the plant has been carefully studied for the very first time by Vietnamese scientists who affirm two benefits of the plant for biological and medical purposes.

While conducting research on the plant, Vietnamese scientists found some chemical compounds in the plant, namely, ecdysteroid, megastigmane, Adenosine, N-trans- feruloytyramine.

These compounds can help in treatment of many diseases such as varicose veins, hepatic failure, impotence, skin disease, heart disease, cancer, colds, venereal diseases and many others.

Prof. Nong Van Hai from the Academy said the plant has low toxic content and has no side effect on human health as it has antibiotic properties.

By Trung Hieu - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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