Buyers of drugs for respiratory diseases must fill health declaration

For early detection of people contracting the coronavirus disease in the community, those buying medicine for respiratory diseases such as the common cold, influenza must fill health declaration according to the Department of Health’s document to its sub-divisions in Thu Duc City and districts citywide.

The Department yesterday sent a document to its sub-divisions across the city asking to increase detection of Covid-19 infected people due to the complex development of the coronavirus pandemic.
As per the Department’s direction, health authorities in districts must instruct retail drug stores to carry out preventative measures following the Ministry of Health’s guideline including donning facemasks, washing hands with soaps and keeping safety distance with others.
Additionally, drug store assistants should request buyers of medications for respiratory diseases to fill their health declaration at or apps NCOVI, Vietnam Health Declaration on smartphones.
When drug store assistants suspect a person to infect with Covid-19, they should inform related agencies to monitor the suspected cases. Any drug stores fall foul of the Department’s regulation, they will receive punishment.

The 37th coronavirus-related death in Vietnam since the pathogen hit the country in early 2020 was recorded yesterday, according to the Ministry of Health.  This is the second virus-related fatality to have been recorded in the country this year.

By Thanh An - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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