Bird flu virus discovered in Tra Vinh Province

A flock of poultry at Phong Thanh Commune in Cau Ke  District of the Mekong delta province of Tra Vinh has been tested positive with H5N1 virus , said the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

177 chickens in the flock at the commune died of the bird flu virus H5N1. After nine months the bird flu re-occurred in 12 communes in four districts of Tra Vinh Town and four other districts Cang Long, Tieu Can and Cau Ke; killing more than 16,500 chicken. In sum up, the bird flu appeared in the province again.

In a bid to curb the transmission among poultry flocks, People’s Committee in Tra Vinh Province is implementing vaccination on the poultry and cattle as well as spraying disinfectant in farms and slaughter houses. Authority asked to set up quarantine stations to monitor the transport and sales of poultry among the province and nearby provinces.

The province is determined to stop selling off, eating diseased poultry, transporting ill poultry out of the province and throwing away poultry into rivers.

By Dinh Canh – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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