Binh Dinh Province scales up response to surge in dengue

Though the Central Province of Binh Dinh has scaled up response to surge in dengue cases lately, the disease has still developed complicatedly in the province in early 2020.
Director of the provincial Disease Control Center Bui Ngoc Lan yesterday said despite applying preventive measures against dengue, the province still has many outbreaks of dengue.
According to the Disease Control Center’s statistics, as of February 14, Binh Dinh Province has had 648 cases of dengue infections.
Of 159 communes in the province, 108 communes reported outbreaks and patients. Hoai Nhon District is a hot spot of dengue with 140 patients accounting for 20 percent of total cases.
Worse, Nhon Binh Ward of Quy Nhon Town has recorded a death due to dengue.
Director of the Department of Health Le Quang Hung elaborated that dengue outbreaks occur periodically in the province. End of 2019 was considered peak dengue season in Binh Dinh and the central provinces; therefore, infection cases dropped slightly in early 2020 but the number of patients is still high.
In the fight against the disease, as Director Hung said, people’s awareness and cooperation with local administration is significant plus the participation of the health sector and state competent agencies.
Last but not least, the health sector will contain small outbreaks and follow the Ministry of Health’s treatment guideline.

By Ngoc Oai - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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