Another 28,000 ampoules of Protamine sulfate imported to Vietnam

The Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health said that another 28,000 tubes of Protamine sulfate have arrived in Vietnam and have been delivered to hospitals for treatment of patients.
Another 28,000 ampoules of Protamine sulfate imported to Vietnam ảnh 1

According to the Drug Administration of Vietnam, Protamine sulfate is a drug on the list of rare drugs that should be given priority in the issuance of a circulation registration certificate.
The drug is usually administered to reverse the large dose of heparin administered during certain surgeries, especially heart surgery where anti-coagulation is necessary to prevent clot formation within the cardiopulmonary bypass pump apparatus; therefore, the manufacturer usually only produces after receiving orders.
While Vietnamese importing establishments, after receiving estimates from hospitals and being licensed by the Ministry of Health to import, place orders with foreign drug suppliers. Thus, if hospitals do not promptly place orders with drug importers, this may lead to a temporary shortage of drugs.

By Quoc Lap - Translated by Anh Quan

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