Alcohol poisoned students out of danger

After receiving intensive treatment, three of poisoned students were discharged while six are still in the Bach Mai hospital’s Poison Center but they get out of danger, said Dr. Nguyen Trung Nguyen of the center.

Until now, six of them recovered; they could talk and be discharged from the center in a few next days.

Four of them suffered weak vision as a consequence of poisoning and two suffered brain infection; therefore, the center will conduct more tests.

Before, a group of 12 students drank wine on a celebration of Women’s Day on March 8; later nine of them were hospitalized to the center for alcohol poisoning. Following alcohol poisoning cases in Hanoi lately, the Department of Food Safety and related agencies paid visits to nearly ,100 eateries and food shops to seize and destroy 140 liter of wine and seal 1,300 liter as alcohol reported without origin and having high content of methanol.

Over 200 stores had to pay fines of VND380 million of violations of food safety.

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By Khanh Nguyen - translated by Uyen Phuong

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