14 people make illegal entry into Ho Chi Minh City from Cambodia


The Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control has announced authorities had discovered 14 people making illegal entry into Vietnam from Cambodia since the beginning of May.

Border guards are measuring people's temperature (Photo: SGGP)

Border guards are measuring people's temperature (Photo: SGGP)

Amongst the 14 cases, six were discovered in residential areas while eight others were noticed by local hospitals, according to the municipal Center for Disease Control.
These people all crossed the border crossings by walking through small trails before catching public transport or charter vehicles to the southern metropolis’ medical facilities. Specifically, the Children’s Hospital 1 in District 10 discovered four Cambodian persons including a couple, an interpreter and one two-month old baby to seek treatment for their sick child.
Medical workers discovered the four having made illegal entry into Vietnam. Medical workers prompted to take blood samples for testing and their initial test results all came back negative for the novel coronavirus.
The hospital soon reported the cases to the health authority, and the three people were promptly sent to a quarantine facility in Cu Chi District while the baby was kept at the hospital for treatment.
All medical facilities in the metropolis are advised to notify local authorities’ direction if they discover any case of illegal border crossing to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19).
According to regulations of the municipal Department of Health, international arrivals must adhere to entry regulation that they have completed their mandatory 14-day quarantine period and medical facilities can provide healthcare services for those who have finished quarantine period.
Additionally, the municipal asked its peers in provinces having border lines with Cambodia to work with border guard in prevention of illegal entry from Cambodia.

By Thanh Son - Translated by Anh Quan

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