HCMC seeks to remove obstacles in procuring medical equipment and supplies

Associate Professor Tang Chi Thuong, Director of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City, today said that the department's leaders had just had a meeting with medical staff in charge of purchasing medical supplies and equipment for patients in public institutions in the city.


HCMC seeks to remove obstacles in procuring medical equipment and supplies ảnh 1 PET scan  machines in many infirmaries can't be used because of shortage of radioactive drug 
At the listening and exchange session with medical staff, Dr. Thuong said that heads of hospitals’ medical supplies and equipment departments are worried and even bewildered with the assigned work because they both meet the requirements of specialists who always want the best medical supplies and equipment for diagnosis, treatment, and patient care and comply with the requirements of the hospital's board of directors, especially to explain to state management agencies such as audit and inspection teams on the construction of estimated prices when bidding for medical supplies and devices.

A head of the hospital's Department of Medical Equipment and Supplies Management said that he prefers to be a specialty rather than his current job which is very stressful. He spends a lot of time checking and appraising the documents carefully. He added that though he works carefully, he is always worried and afraid of making mistakes.

According to Dr. Tang Chi Thuong, in the coming time, the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City will continue to petition the Ministry of Health and relevant ministries and agencies to soon issue detailed and specific guiding documents on the process of building a list, how to make estimates, build configurations to create a solid legal corridor for facilitation of procurement of medical supplies and devices in public health facilities.

Besides, the health sector will submit its project of a centralized shopping center to the municipal People's Committee. The list of items including drugs, equipment, and medical supplies for concentrated procurement is carried out according to the time schedule, both to perfect the new procurement mechanism and ensure no disruption to the supply of drugs, equipment, and medical supplies in healthcare service.

At the same time, medical workers who are working in departments of medical equipment and supplies management will be provided with knowledge related to bidding and procurement at public health facilities.