HCMC oriented towards thorough digital transformation

In 2022, Ho Chi Minh City works with an orientation towards quick implementation of digital transformation to perfect digital government in association with smart city building.


HCMC oriented towards thorough digital transformation ảnh 1 HCMC is oriented towards thorough digital transformation

In recent meetings, city leaders have pointed out three major issues including Governance in the new situation, building a database system, and linking databases in the operation of agencies and operation of city administration and new driving forces for future city growth throughout governance renovation.

Director of the HCMC Department of Information and Communications Lam Dinh Thang, in 2022, said that the Digital Transformation Program and the Project to build Ho Chi Minh City into a smart city will continue to closely follow the above-mentioned requirements of the city with a focus on effectively serving the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and implementing digital transformation in city administration, business production and social organization.

During the building of digital government, the city is focusing on administrative reform, public service provision, and convenience for people and businesses, Lam Dinh Thang has said.

At the same time, it is deploying applications to enhance the interaction between the government - residents and vice versa as well as fast supporting digital transformation for businesses in all fields, building a digital economy and digital society with a focus and digital transformation focusing on priority sectors and fields such as healthcare and education.

According to the city Department of Information and Communications, technology solutions must be implemented synchronously and the shared data warehouse should be exploited in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic and the economic recovery of Ho Chi Minh City. The shared data warehouse is deployed based on three fundamental data sources such as people's data, enterprise data, and land data.

In which, the city ensures accurate and timely collection, synthesis, and analysis of data to conduct regular assessment of epidemic levels in each ward and commune, building a reliable data source, serving as a basis for forecasting to promptly control the epidemic effectively and support database-driven decision-making.

In 2022, Ho Chi Minh City will carry out comprehensive digital transformation, develop the digital economy, and build a digital society in addition to information technology application promotion, digital government building and synchronously design.

Furthermore, the city will build and put into operation an integrated and interconnected system of large databases - especially data on population, planning, healthcare, education, businesses, land and housing to serve the operation and operation of city administration and people's life.

Currently, Ho Chi Minh City has deployed an integration and data sharing platform to officially connect the national data sharing and integration platform to the city's shared data warehouse.

Over 900 state agencies, corporations, non-business establishments have linked electronic documents through an integrated and data-sharing platform. The fields of traffic, health, education and training, environment, urban planning, security, and order have also deployed many applications to provide services for residents and businesses.

Assessing the city's digitization efforts, Ms. Tran Thi Lan Huong, senior public governance expert of the World Bank in Vietnam, said that Ho Chi Minh City needs to carry out specific transformation to increase the value of the digital economy because the city has good competitiveness and better resilience after the Covid-19 epidemic.

The city is currently ranked fifth out of 63 provinces and cities in the index for information technology application and development. The southern metropolis has contributed one-third of the country's GDP, so it needs to be a pioneer in digital transformation.

New World Bank Country Director in Vietnam Carolyn Turk said that the Covid-19 epidemic has become an impetus for fast-growing digital transformation globally. It is the perfect time to promote digital transformation in Ho Chi Minh City helping the southern metropolis take the lead in the current digital era.