HCMC discovers eight illegal Chinese immigrants

The Police of Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City yesterday arrested eight Chinese people who entered Vietnam illegally. 
Eight cases enter illegally into HCMC (Photo: Chi Thach)
Eight cases enter illegally into HCMC (Photo: Chi Thach)

According to the initial information, six men and two women were detected at Gia Dinh Park, Tan Binh District with suspicious expression of running away when they saw the police officers. 

After arrest, the functional forces took them to the police station for investigation and verification process. 

Group of eight Chinese people was confirmed as Wang Yuzhen (27 years old), Huang Zhen (28 years old), Lai Yuxiong (30 years old), Lin Chaoyin (19 years old), Xie Xinjun (42 years old), Zheng Rushan (45 years old), Tang Xiaofeng (21 years old) and Lu Meiling (30 years old).

Six out of eight showcased their passports without entry stamp of Vietnamese authorities. Initially, these people admitted illegal immigration across the border into Vietnam to escape the Covid-19 pandemic and find jobs.

Currently, all Chinese were sent to Center for Isolation and Pandemic Control in Tan Binh District to conduct requirement of quarantine following the regulations.