Water spinach tastes better with sour and sweet flavor

One rustic but popular dish that can be made from water spinach is the sweet and sour water spinach, a delicious and simple dish, which brings special tastes for these rainy summer days.

Water spinach appears almost all year round, especially in July and August, when the rainy season comes.

Water spinach is very easy to eat and good for health. It can reduce the body’s heat; provide fiber, ferromagnetic substance and some vitamins.

The sweet and sour water spinach need these ingredients: fresh and green water spinach with small top which has all big and old leaves removed, fried small shrimp, roasted peanut and sesame, parboiled beans, ferment, and some kinds of vegetable such as marjoram, perilla, mint leaves.

The water spinach will only be green and crunchy when they are cooked on high fire and submerged under water. When the water boils again, take the water spinach out quickly and put them into frozen water right away.

According to some experiences, adding some salt when boiling can also make the water spinach green. When the boiled water spinach has been cooled down, cut them into chunks of about 3 or 4 centimeters.

Stir the ferment steadily and then filter it to get the first water. Cook it with a little salt. Since it is quite hard to find ferment these days, lemon could be use as an alternative.

Mix water spinach, bean, small shrimp and some spices such as sugar and fish sauce together, then pour some ferment water (or lemon juice) over and stir them all steadily.Pouring ferment slowly so that the acidity could be controlled.

When about to eat, put sesame, peanut and other vegetables mentioned above into the dish. Doing so would keep the roasted sesame and peanut from being soggy and the vegetables would still be green and fragrant.

People usually add some other ingredients into the sour and sweet water spinaches such as shrimp, cow meat, bean sprouts, onion, and some slices of pineapples. The dish then would be come more and more appetizing.

The sweet and sour water spinach is so eye – catching with many attractive colors like the green of water pinches, the red of chili, the yellow of pineapple, the yellowish brown of sesame and peanut.

The fragrance of the dish also helps to make it so delicious. Sweet and sour water spinach with its tasty flavor is really a suitable dish for these hot and rainy summer days.

Source: laodong.com.vn - Translated by Vu Nga

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