Sweetened porridge makes corn taste more delicious

Although it is quite rustic and not very popular, the corn sweetened porridge is indeed a very tasty dish.

Corn is always a familiar food. From corn, many dishes can be made such as boiled corn, baked corn, steamed corn or fried corn, and all of them are too familiar with Vietnamese people.

However, there is one more dish that many people may not know, the corn sweetened porridge.

Usually, when people harvest, the corns in the field have been old, their seeds have turned into red yellow and quite tough.

Corns are peeled first, then the seeds will be taken out and then dried in about three or five days.

Next, the seeds are ground by machine. To make the corn sweetened porridge, people use this ground corn.

First, ground corn is poured into a large sieve. The smooth flour will pass through the net and the larger pieces will be kept on the net. This process is made twice to get the smoothest corn flour.

Cook the water, but do not wait until it is boiling. When it is warm enough, put corn flour in and use a chopstick to stir it. Boiling water would make the corn flour clot and less tasty. Make sure to stir the porridge steadily so that it would not burn at the bottom of the pot.

Then, add sugar and a little salt into the pot, continue stirring until the corn flour boils again, expands then become thicker and stop cooking.

The next step is frying the onion bulb. When the onion turns into yellow and fragrant, pour it into the pot of the corn sweetened porridge and mix them all.

The dish can be use either when it is hot or cool. It can also be served with coconut milk.

A hot bowl of corn sweetened porridge is so fragrant and sweet with an unforgettable aftertaste.

When it is cool down, the corn porridge would solidify and have a yellow cover on the surface, which makes it look so attractive.

The corn sweetened porridge now becomes a corn pudding, and just a small touch can easily take it out of the bowl. 

With its defined sweet taste and delicious fragrance, the corn sweetened porridge is really an attractive snack for summer days.

Source: news.bacsi.com – Translated by Vu Nga

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