Launching innovative Aji-ngon flavor seasoning

Products of Japanese Ajinomoto Group have been contributing to delicious family meals, diversifying the Vietnamese culinary culture and contributing to the happy and healthy life of Vietnamese people.

With the mission “We contribute to the further growth of Vietnam, the happiness and good health of Vietnamese people through food culture”, based on creative ideas and modern technology, since its establishment in 1991, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has studied and launched many seasoning products including AJI-NO-MOTO umami seasoning, Aji-ngon flavor seasoning, “Aji-mayo” mayonnaise, “Phu Si” soy sauce”, Aji-Quick menu seasonings...

For a long time, Aji-ngon flavor seasoning has been an indispensable seasoning in the kitchens of million Vietnamese families. With the desire to provide Delicious No.1 food and seasoning products to consumers, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has innovated Aji-ngon by utilizing the Liquid Meat and Bone Extract directly produced by the company – the core ingredient of Aji-ngon flavour seasoning.
The Liquid Meat and Bone Extract is produced from shin bone, rib bone, shoulder and thigh pork. These raw materials are provided by prestigious food companies in Vietnam and carefully selected to ensure that only the best ingredients are used for production. The production process is strictly controlled in term of food safety and hygiene, guaranteeing the best ingredients for Aji-ngon production.
The investment for Liquid Meat and Bone Extract plant has made Ajinomoto Vietnam Company the pioneer company in Vietnam flavor seasoning market that invests to directly produce meat and bone extract for flavor seasoning production.
Focus on the “Deliciousness” quality from the core ingredient of Liquid Meat and Bone Extract directly produced at its plant under modern Japan technology and staying in harmonious balance with other seasonings, innovative Aji-ngon flavour seasoning with its message “Rich deliciousness, Natural umami taste” brings delicious meals with natural taste to every family.
Innovative Aji-ngon flavor seasoning is officially launched in the market in the middle of July 2013 on all traditional and modern channels nationwide.

By T.H

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