Excellent combination of banana and sticky rice

The fragrance and greasy taste of coconut milk mingles with the sweet of banana covered in baked sticky rice can definitely arouse anyone’s desire.

Banana covered in baked sticky rice is a favorable snack with many Vietnamese people.
This dish is really simple and easy to process but very tasty.

The first step of making the dish is choosing bananas. Pick ones that is straight, since the curved ones will be hard to mould into beautiful shape.

The white layer of rice that covers around the banana is cooked from good sticky rice.
After cooking the sticky rice, mix it with scraped copra and coconut milk. Then roll it into thin layers.

Peel the bananas and put them on the sticky rice layers, then roll them so that the sticky rice will cover the entire banana. This step must be done carefully to make sure that the sticky rice layers will cover tightly the banana.

Then, use a piece of banana leaf to wrap outside and bake it on burning coal. The baking step requires the makers to pay attention and turn the bananas steadily so that they will not be burnt.
Bake until the green banana leaves outside turns into dark yellow, the sticky rice becomes dry and the bananas smell fragrant.

Remove the burnt banana leaves outside and cut the banana covered in a layer of baked sticky rice into mall pieces, then pour coconut milk over and sprinkle some roasted peanut on the surface.

This snack can either be enjoyed when it is hot or cool. Although it is very simple and quite rustic, the dish is really delicious and easy to eat. It has now become very popular and widely preferred.

A delicious plate of banana covered in baked sticky rice.

Source: laodong.com.vn - Translated by Vu Nga

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