Enjoy salted fish in a typical dish of the south

Salted fish is always familiar with many Vietnamese people, but in the South, there is a delicious specialty made from salted fish that may not be very popular to many people.

The South of Vietnam is also the region of fishes, since there are many waterways in here. Every time the flooding season comes, fishes from upstream waters would converge.

When there are too many fresh fishes to eat, people usually salt the fish for long using. In this land, it seems like every fishes that are edible can be used to make salted fish.

Therefore, there are various kinds of them and each kind is associated with some fish, with their particular taste.

In order to make the salted fish more delicious and less salted, people in the South have their own way in processing the salted fish, which is steaming. It is said that the steamed salted fish has appeared from the very old time when the South West land was just reclaimed.

The ingredients needed for the dish include salted fish, pork, egg, pepper and chili.
First of all, put the salted fishes into a clean pot and pour a little boiled water into, then wait until the salted fishes crumble.

Mince the pork, put it into a large bowl and add some spices. Put the egg and the salted fish into the bowl, mingle them all together, and then steam it in about 15 minutes.

It may seem easy to make this dish, but actually, the steamed salted fish only taste best when it is made by a native of the Southland.

The dish can be served with hot cooked rice, along with some raw vegetables and fresh banana. The typical fragrance and the greasy taste of the dish are so moreish and delicious.

Nowadays, the steamed salted fish has become more popular. It is really a special dish, which can present for the typical cuisine culture of the Southland.

Source: laodong.com.vn – Translated by Vu Nga

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