Enjoy dry provisions in various ways

Dried fish and dried shrimp are usually considered as some kinds of food that are not very good for health; however, if being combined harmoniously with some types of vegetables and bulb, they would become very tasty and nourishing.

Dried cuttlefish mixes with grapefruit

Adding some vegetables and bulbs or even fruit is the best way to diversify dishes from dry provisions.

Dried anchovy can be combined with potato. Fry potatoes first and take them out. Then, fry some garlic with lemon juice and add some spices. Finally, put potatoes, dried anchovy in the frying pan, and mix them all.

Usually, the dried basa fish is already embalmed with spices. Therefore, it only needs to be baked or fried and used with some kinds of sour vegetable or bean sprout and spinach. Serving the dish with chili source, lemon and a little fish sauce. This dish is very nourishing since it can provide vitamin A, C, and some mineral.

Salted fish fried with rice (the salted fished is steamed first, then bone is removed and fry with rice) is a popular fish that many restaurants prefer. The vegetable used with the dish is cabbage. Garlic is also used in this dish to reduce the salty degree.

The dried skate is quite a strange dish with a typical flavor. Soak it into water first, then cut it into small pieces and cook with sugar, fish sauce and pepper.

Dried cuttlefish is very preferred. Apart from being used to bake and served with chili sauce, dried cuttlefish can be used as a main ingredient in some dishes such as mixing dried cuttlefish with grapefruit, spinach or young papaya.

Another dish is frying dried cuttlefish with pachyrhizus, carrot and french bean. This dish is very nourishing with an attractive look.

People in Saigon also use dried cuttlefish to cook with rice porridge. Along with fried pig’s skin, boiled solid pig’s blood, ginger, green onion, pepper and chili, the dried cuttlefish bring the rice porridge a very tasty flavor.

Dried shrimp is also a very popular kind of food. It is usually used to cook with gourd, winter melon or malabar nightshade. Dried shrimp is also used to mix with bitter melon, fry with pumpkin, or okra. Some people also grind dried shrimp and then use it to fry with eggs.

Processed in right and sophisticated ways, all those kinds of dry provisions can become so nourish and uniquely delicious.

Source: bacsi.news.com – Translated by Vu Nga

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