Delicious flavor from frog

Rice porridge with frog is quite a strange dish but if you just try it for one taste, the dish would leave you with moreish aftertaste.

When rice begins to blossom and rain begins to fall, there would be many frogs and toad appears. From frog meat, people have made various dishes such as baked frog, frog sour soup, fried frog, frog hotpot and so on, and despite it is not very popular, rice porridge with frog is one of the most delicious dish that we can make from frog.

Just by hearing the name of the dish, many people may think that it is just normal like some other kinds of rice porridge such as rice porridge with fish or chicken or pork.

Actually, the rice porridge with frog is completely different. The frog and the rice porridge are cooked separately. When enjoying, we can taste either the flavor of each dish or the combined flavor of both.

The ingredients used for making rice porridge with frog include frog, garlic, green onion, tapioca starch, dry chili, sugar and black soy sauce.

The most important step is processing the frog. Choose fat and big frogs and remove all their skin and head. We should also take their backbone out since it is hard to eat, not delicious and could create stink.

After cleaning the frogs, chop them into medium chunk and embalm with salt, sugar and garlic. If we want to make the frogs more fragrant and delicious, we could cursorily bake them before cooking.

Next, frying garlic, green onion and chili first, then put baked frog into the frying pan and continue frying for a while. After that, pour the mixture into a pot, add a little water and cook it on medium fire until we see the sauce in the pot become viscous.

Add some sugar, diluted tapioca starch, and stir them all steadily. Then continue adding a little black soy sauce to create attractive color for the frog. Finally, pour a little oyster oil over and put some green onion on.

Before processing the frog, we should simmer a pot of rice porridge so that it will not take us much time to wait for the rice to become well – cooked. Using a pot that make of soil would be better. When we are about to enjoy the rice porridge, remember put some green onion on its surface.

The rice porridge with frog is so delicious with its attractive fragrance and greasy taste. Not only that, the dish is very nourish since frog meat has lots of protein and very little of fat, and eating frog meat can provide much energy.

Rice porridge with frog therefore is not only a tasty but also a nourish dish which is very suitable in these rainy days of summer.

Source: – Translated by Vu Nga

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