Combined with oyster, rice porridge turns into special

Oyster is a popular kind of seafood from which many delicious dishes are processed, and the oyster rice porridge is a frugal one that is widely preferred.

When being cooked, oyster does not require many spices since its natural sweet and salty tastes have made the best flavors.

In order to keep oysters fresh and tasty, soak them into rice water in about one hour, and then clean them with water.

One easy point in making the oyster rice porridge is that it does not require any quality of the rice. Any kinds of rice could be used to cook the dish.

However, different from some kinds of rice porridge, this one needs a dried coconut in its ingredient.

Two kilograms of oysters and one big dried coconut will need half kilogram of rice, and of course, more oysters always make the dish more delicious.

Put the clean oysters in the pot, and pour about two large bowls of water into. When the water is boiling, use some tool to lift up the oysters from top to bottom of the pot and vice versa until they all open their mouths.

Take the oysters out. Get the meat of the oysters and remove all their shells. Keep the water in the pot, wait for it to decant, and then throw away the sediment.
Clean the rice and soak it in water in about one hour to make it expand more quickly.

Put the rice into a pot and cook it with the water used for boiling oysters.

Scrape the copra out of the dried coconut, add a little warm water and squeeze the scraped copra to get the coconut milk. Making this processed twice to get two kinds of coconut milk, the second one is more diluted than the first one.

Pour the diluted coconut milk into the pot of rice. Continue cooking until the rice expands enough and put oysters into the pot.

When the rice porridge is boiling, pour the first coconut milk into the pot, add some spices, and stop cooking.

Cut onion and coriander into small pieces and cut ginger into small thread.

Spoon the oyster rice porridge into a large bowl, put onion, coriander and ginger over, then sprinkle some pepper on the surface. The fragrance and the look of the dish are would definitely make anyone so desired.

Source: - Translated by Vu Nga

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