Coconut juice turns rice into specialty

Coming to Ben Tre, most people will usually be interested in the coconut tree as well as some special products that made from it, and the rice cooked with coconut juice would definitely attract any people from the first look and taste.

Ben Tre province has always been famous for a large amount of coconut trees. From coconut, many specialties have been created, such as coconut candy or coconut wine; most of them are delicious and highly preferred.

Not only that, with skillful hands and creativity, people in Ben Tre have created a very special dish, which has made the normal rice that used in everyday meal become such a high – grade dish.

Making the rice cooked with coconut water is quite complicated. It requires the maker to be clever and sophisticated.

The whole process takes about two hours. Firstly, cut a part at the stack of the coconut and use it as a lid after the dish is finished.

Choose good rice, clean it with water for the first time and then clean it again with coconut juice.

When the rice has been dry, put it into the coconut and pour a sufficient amount of coconut juice into. Too much or too little coconut juice will both make the rice taste bad. Therefore, it also requires real experience in this simple step.

Then, the coconut with rice inside would be steamed in a pot. The fragrance and the natural sweet taste of coconut juice will stagnate in each rice seed.

Because of the coconut oil, the done rice would naturally have a light yellow color, which makes it so appetizing.

The rice cooked with coconut tree has a greasy taste and an attractive fragrance. It would taste best when it is still hot and severed with fried shrimps.

Remove all the shrimps’ feet, clean them and embalm with sugar and salt. Fry the shrimps with coconut milk on small fire until the shrimps turn into dull red. Shrimps are absorbed by coconut milk would be very crunchy and fragrant.

An interesting point when enjoying this dish is that rice and shrimps would be used right in the coconut, and there is no need to use any bowls.

A little white coconut with light yellow rice and red shrimp inside, which are all greasy and fragrant really make the dish so irresistible.

Source : – Translated by Vu Nga

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