Broad bean sweetened porridge, simple but so delicious

Broad bean is a familiar food in the countryside of Vietnam, and the broad bean sweetened porridge is a very popular that is widely preferred.

The appetizing look of broad bean sweetened porridge

It is very easy to plant broad bean, since the tree grows very fast. Very soon from the sowing– time, the tree will rebound from the ground.

Broad bean is a kind of climbing plant. It only needs a simple trilles from some branches of tree to cling.

Broad bean is very sweet, fragrant and nourishing. When broad bean is old and dry, its seeds will be taken out and used for cooking sweetened porridge.

The process of making broad bean sweetened porridge is quite simple.

Firstly, the bean must be soaked into water to become soft. Then, lightly remove the thin peel of the seed; make sure that the seed will not be broken.

Next, steam the bean and embalm it with sugar in about 15 minutes. Then, pour water and cook it with small fire. Mingle tapioca flour with water and slowly pour it into the pot.

To make the dish more tasty and fragrant, add some garlic, a little salt and some fragrant pandan leaves.

All the steps from stirring and spooning must be done carefully and lightly in order not to make the beans broken.

When the dish is done, it looks so appetizing with the white and well – rounded bean floating on the yellow syrup.

Broad bean sweetened porridge is attractive for the greasy taste and the fragrance of the bean, as well as the refined sweet from the combination of syrup and the bean.

Some people also prefer to enjoy broad bean sweetened porridge with other kinds of sweetened porridge. However, it is highly recommended that the dish should be enjoyed when it is iced. Also, serve it with coconut milk and the dish will show how tasty it is.

Source: - Translated by Vu Nga

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