Attractive color and delicious flavor of glutinous rice doughnut

Glutinous rice doughnut is really a wonderful snack with the soft of sticky rice flour, the greasy of mung bean, the fragrance of sesame and the sweet of sugar.

Usually, in Vietnamese, people call the glutinous rice doughnut by another name, the orange cake. This is because after being finished, the cake looks just like a ripen orange in shape and color.

The glutinous rice doughnut is tasty and attractive itself, but the process of making it is very interesting.

The ingredients for the doughnut are quite simple, which includes glutinous rice flour, rice flour, mung bean, sesame and sugar.

To make the doughnut fill out, the flour should be left about 1 or 2 days before being processed, or adding some baking powder. Another way is pouring some lemon juice into the frying pan when frying the doughnut. The acidity would make the doughnut expand.

A good glutinous rice doughnut is not only has to have an attractive form but also a delicious and unique filling inside.

The doughnut’s filling is made from mung bean. First of all, remove all the peel of the mung bean, then cook and grind it. Next, mix the ground mung bean with sugar, some vanilla and a little oil.

Some people also add sweet potato into the filling. Boil sweet potatoes, grind them and mix them with mung bean.

The next step is kneading the doughnut. Kneading the flour and keep it in about 3 hours before using.
Take a piece of flour, spread it on the hand, then put some filling in the middle, then use another piece of flour to cover the whole doughnut. Roll the doughnut to make it round, using both two hands.

When all doughnuts have been formed, put them into the boiling oil. Keep the fire small so that the glutinous rice doughnuts will be crunchy and cooked steadily.

The final step is spreading a layer of cooked sugar with sesame on the doughnut’s surface. Cook sugar until it turns into yellow brown color, and then put sesame in.

To make the doughnut sweeter and more fragrant, put them into a frying pan with refined sugar and stir them all steadily on a small fire. The glutinous rice doughnut will taste best when it has been cool down.

Source: – Translated by Vu Nga

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