Exhibition on Uncle Ho portrait in propaganda posters launched

The exhibition themed ‘Uncle Ho Portrait in Propaganda Posters’ (1969 – 2011) was jointly held yesterday at Hanoi based Ho Chi Minh Museum by the museum and the Vietnam National Museum of History, the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts.

Propaganda posters gifted to the exhibition by artist Le Nhuong
Propaganda posters gifted to the exhibition by artist Le Nhuong

Around 60 propaganda posters, most of which are original, are on display. These were created and published after the death of President Ho Chi Minh.

With rich drawing techniques and concise language, the posters were able to successfully feature President Ho Chi Minh – the great yet simple and friendly leader and the perfect idol for many Vietnamese generations.

The exhibition is divided into four sections with respective themes of ‘Ho Chi Minh – Vietnamese people’s soul’; ‘Ho Chi Minh – militant and poet’, ‘Uncle Ho – a great love’, and ‘President Ho Chi Minh lives forever’.

In this event, a new publication named ‘Portrait of President Ho Chi Minh – Perspective from Propaganda Posters (1969 - 2011)’ is introduced, consisting of paintings and articles by arts researchers and artists. 

Also on this occasion is the receipt of paintings gifted by famous artists like Tran Tu Thanh, Do Manh Cuong, Nguyen Trong Hiep, and Le Nhuong.

The exhibition is a part of a series of activities to celebrate the 129th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19th 1890 – May 19th 2019), and the 50th anniversary of implementing his testament. This is also to observe Directive No.05-CT/TW by the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam on studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals, and style.