Young Polyglot Bound for Chinese-Taipei

A Ho Chi Minh City teenager who can speak thirteen languages will set off for Chinese-Taipei on September 20 to study Chinese at Taitung National University.

Ha Duy Loc is writing new words in his own language chart, a dictionary of 13 languages

The university will look after Ha Duy Loc’s tuition fees and living expenses while the 18-year-old strives to gain 28 credits in his first year.

Duy Loc, an alumnus of Le Hong Phong high school, came second in a Chinese language competition for the city’s gifted students.

Among other things, he heads the Language Research Group, a club set up by him and fellow language-loving students.

Fluent in English and Chinese, Duy Loc is working hard to improve his Russian, French, Arabian, Japanese, German, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Indonesian without the aid of a teacher.

His passion for foreign languages has instilled a desire to become a language researcher. The stint in Chinese-Taipei will be the first major step on this journey.

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By Hg. L - Translated by UyenPhuong

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