Urgent directions on school safety in HCMC delivered


Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Department of Education and Training yesterday released an urgent document to all its divisions and all educational institutes sited in the city regarding school safety and accident prevention.

Pupils of Truong Quyen Primary School in District 3 are practising evacuating in the case of fire (Photo: SGGP)

Pupils of Truong Quyen Primary School in District 3 are practising evacuating in the case of fire (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, HCMC Department of Education and Training requests that all educational institutes in the city continue to strictly follow instruction in its previously delivered documents related to school safety, while urgently rechecking signed agreements with the local authorities about ensuring safety and security in these units.

Schools must have proper plans to actively deal with unexpected weathers in order to guarantee safety for all students, to establish a friendly learning environment with no bullying or violence.

The department notices that the issue of school bullying must be integrated in the curriculum of any related subjects.

Schools have to cooperate with the local authorities and organizations to hold suitable physical activities for students and swimming classes to avoid drowning accidents in the summer holiday.

Particularly, schools must take care of planted trees in their campus, the waterways and sewage systems, the electricity grid for all learning rooms, and roof leaks.

Simultaneously, educational institutes need to maintain all necessary methods on Covid-19 prevention like room and facilities disinfecting, face mask wearing from and to school as well as in break times. Collective activities must be well-prepared with sufficient hand sanitizer, disinfectant and face masks.

Finally, schools must increase the task of checking food safety in meals to avoid food poisoning at all cost. Fire prevention tasks and combustible material administration in educational institutes must also be done properly.

In related news, regarding victims of the uprooted flamboyant tree accident in Bach Dang Middle School, located in District 3, Huynh Minh Thu – doctor from the Children’s Hospital 2 – shared that the medical staff of the hospital are curing both the mental and physical health for 4 severely injured students so that they become more stable before performing necessary operations.

Nguyen Thanh Tam – Director of Saigon ITO Hospital – shared that the 3 students from that accident and treated in this hospital have become more stable after the surgeries performed on May 26.

Head of District 3 Division of Education and Training Pham Dang Khoa said that besides seriously injured students being hospitalized, 10 others with milder injuries are outpatients under close monitoring of medical officers, especially regarding their mental health. Luckily, many have recovered well.

By Quang Huy, Thu Tam – Translated by Vien Hong

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