Universities to use national high school exit examination for enrolment

428 universities and colleges that have proposed their owned enrolment regulation projects confirmed they would use high school exit examination results for enrolment, announced the Testing and Accreditation Department under the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET)  at a training course on education renovation yesterday

Over 50 percent of the colleges will use national high school exit examination results and the rest facilities will use both the examination results and students’ school reports. Some top colleges organized preliminary or additional examinations.

Representatives from the ministry said that exams for high school exit in this academic year can help to evaluate students’ ability and will have more open questions on general knowledge rather than those learnt by heart. The exams will distinguish good students from normal ones.

Related to enrolment examination for college graduates who would like to enter universities, head of the department Tran Van Nghia confirmed that the ministry would maintain regulation on university entrance examination like previous years.

College students who pass the university entrance examination will be permitted by their universities to cut down subjects and university credits that they have studied in colleges

By Khanh Binh - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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