Smart e-library to be set up to benefit readers nationwide

In the middle of 2017, Ho Chi Minh City authorities opened an electronic library website with the name “Studying and following Uncle Ho’s ideology and morality”

Smart e-library to be set up to benefit readers nationwide

E-books in the new library are published by Youth Publishing House, the Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House, and Ho Chi Minh City Culture–Literature and Arts Publishing House.
The municipal Department of Information and Communications said that the library, the first of its kind, was open to the public so that people can access to documents about President Ho Chi Minh. In addition, residents can download documents gratis for studying and research.
The library was open because residents in disadvantaged districts find hard to access to documents about Uncle Ho although books on the late President are pletiful. The library is expected to provide good books about Uncle Ho’s morality and teachings to readers. Moreover, the library acts as an online portal of movements “Studying and following Uncle Ho’s ideology and teaching” in localities.
Emerging from practical needs, the online library turns out to be answer for library model in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) which the city authorities is seeking. One of the problem in the Industry 4.0 is books and documents are not unique way to transmit knowledge any longer.

Today, readers are on the trend to use online documents or digital kinds with remarkable numerous advantages. E-library is becoming an inevitable choice when it provides utilities such as fast searching for information, saving traveling time and cost, printing cost, connection between documents, document with pictures.
However, building e-library is spinning the wheels because there is no agency gathering all digital publishing houses together. At present, every publishing house has its different way to do e-books in terms of technique, quality standards and exploitation of the copyrighted work.

Hence, each has its own e-library to supply their books. No publishing house agreed to liaise with others; subsequently, readers suffer a loss because they have no chance to enjoy a “real” library where they can read various books.
Accordingly, the new e-library outlined a solution for the problem. Under the city authority’s support, he library has connected with three giant publishing houses to supply huge resources of e-books.
In 2017, many businesses contributed in the cultural development of the society especially through e-library. For instance an electronic retailer was willing to equip 21 e-library for 21 most disadvantaged primary schools nationwide.
However, the equipment includes mainly machines not really e-books. There has been no “real” e-library in schools also. Teachers and students mostly access to website of publishing houses to look for their wanted book.
The e-library “ Studying and following Uncle Ho’s ideology and morality” has paved the way for building next “real” library of the same kind in large scale with the support of benefactors.
It is hoped that the modern e-library will benefit all districts even most disadvantaged areas.

By TUONG VY - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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