Seventh Handy Craftsman Competition for junior high schoolers to take place

According to the plan, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training will hold the seventh Handy Craftsman Competition for junior high school students in academic year 2019-2020.


Accordingly, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th graders are eligible for the competition. The contents of the competition this year include flower arranging, card making, gift box design, beading, hydroponic model design, technical drawing, flower and doll making with chiffon fabric/ paper and so forth.
The contents are on the school year syllabus of technology and vocational training subject with higher requirements for practicing and the products’ complexity.
Every district sends three competitors. The competition is scheduled to take place in the middle of January 2020.

By THANH THU - Translated by DAN THUY

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