School managers petition to eliminate tuition exemption policy

Pedagogy schools are facing financial difficulties as they have to subsidize for training expenses when the government’s subsidization is not enough.

Director of the HCMC University of Technology and Education Professor Do Van Dung speaks at the seminar (Photo: SGGP)

Director of the HCMC University of Technology and Education Professor Do Van Dung speaks at the seminar (Photo: SGGP)

Plus, these schools find it hard to attract good students because of more unemployed graduates despite tuition fee exemption. Participants at the seminar named “Impact of tuition exemption for pedagogy students on enrolment quality and lecturer training” petitioned to deregulate the tuition exemption policy.
Moreover, they proposed arranging schools and expanding loan policies for students.
Director of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education Professor Do Van Dung urged to eliminate tuition waiver policy for pedagogy students.
Quoting example of his school, Mr. Dung said for ten years, it is unfair that students in his school are exempted from paying tuition fee while the school receives VND5-8 billion ($220,086 - $ 352,138) as subsidization yet the school had spent around VND30 billion for training these students.
The government’s subsidization is a small sum in comparison to the spending; accordingly, it resulted in poor quality.
Mr. Dung added that students coming from countryside districts fretted about employment after graduation not tuition fee; a student spent an average sum of VND150 million for tuition fee and accommodation in four year studying in HCMC.
If he can make VND 10 million a month after graduation, he can take back the spending after one year. On the other side, over 90 percent of the school graduates get job in companies; therefore, the government and the school must cover an unnecessary subsidization for training.
As a result, school representative suggested the Ministry of Education and Training and the National Assembly to collect fee like other schools. If a graduate goes in teaching career, he will receive back the tuition fee in his month salary. This move is hoped to help students stabilize their lives in first years after graduation.
Teacher Nguyen Thi Yen Nam from the Pedagogy University in HCMC said that in reality, no school receives enough subsidization for training; subsequently, she proposed self-financing schools which will collect proper tuition while the government takes heed to preferential credit policies for pedagogy students along with assure employment.
Former director of HCMC Pedagogy University Professor Nguyen Kim Hong said once, the government deregulate tuition exemption policy, it must have other proper measures and policies because according to a survey, in reality, the rate of students in countryside areas taking teaching career is more than their peers in other sector.
Accordingly, it needs a scientific studies to produce evidence that tuition exemption is an attracting factor that good student enter pedagogical schools.
When schools increase tuition fee level three times , the government must facilitate loan policy for students who will receive back the tuition fee in monthly salary if they go in teaching profession.
Moreover, if a pedagogy graduate can make VND7 - 10 million a month and they earn VND30-35 million a month, the sector will be attractive for good students.
Director of the Central Pedagogy University Le Van Tien agreed to deregulate tuition fee exemption policy yet he added there should have a roadmap for the issue and national comprehensive studies on it. He stressed once the policy is deleted, raising teachers’ salary is the prerequisite.


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