School increases education of law through mobile court

A mobile court organized in the school yard of Nguyen Du Senior High School on September 14 is part of program to increase education of law to students.

At the court ( Photo: SGGP)

At the court ( Photo: SGGP)

Participating into the mobile court, students are provided more knowledge of law; accordingly, students are expected to have good behaviors and live in accordance with ethical standards and regulations.
Headmaster Huynh Thanh Phuc said that students had been provided legal education - the education of individuals in the principles, practices, and theory of law in class yet the court is a visual lesson which helps them to understand violence and social evils.
Accordingly, teachers expect students to have awareness of self-protection and they must take responsibility for their own feelings as well as say “ No” to take part in wrongdoings.
For the very first time, over 1,200 students attended a court. Twelve - grader Ho Dac Nhu Thien said that she was absorbed by the court especially the trial for a man same her age committing the crime because of conflicts via social network.

By THU TAM – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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