‘Professor’ and ‘Associate Professor’ titles given to 571 teachers

At a ceremony held in the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, 571 teachers were granted titles of ‘Professor’ and ‘Associate Professor’ by the State Professor Title Council on November 18.

Professor Tran Van Nhung (2nd, L), General Secretary of the State Professor Title Council offers certificates to teachers

According to Professor Ph.D Tran Van Nhung, General Secretary of the State Professor Title Council, the total number of teachers who have been recognized as ‘Professor’ and ‘Associate Professor’ during last 37 years is 10,453, including 1,569 Professors and 8,884 Associate Professors.

Among them were three female professors and 116 female associate professors. At age 72, female PhD Le Nguyet Nga is the oldest professor. Tran Dinh Hoa was the youngest professor at age 43. The oldest and youngest associate professors are PhD Le Van Thom at age 72 and PhD Le Anh Vinh at age 30.

So far PhD Phung Ho Hai and PhD Tran Dinh Hoa have received exceptional priority in being recognized as ‘Professor’ in categories of mathematics and irrigation in 2012, 2013.

Professor Tran Van Nhung said that professors, associate professors and doctorate degree holders who work at tertiary education institutions can continue working up to ten years after their retirement age. Doctorate degree holders will be able to work for an extra five years after retirement age.

The extended working time has been set at seven years for associate professors and ten years for professors.

This is part of the Prime Minister's decree guiding the implementation of the Law on Higher Education that was approved by the National Assembly in June 2012.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Kim Khanh

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