Learning need of Vietnamese adults high

Some 22,014 participants taking part in online learning programs since 2015 show that learning need of older adults are quite high, said Mr. Truong Tien Tung who is an expert of the Open University in Hanoi.

Specifically, the survey shows that 86.9 percent of the e-learning program participants are people aged 25 up.
Especially people from 25 - 50 years old make up 84.62 percent. 501 students in the programs are fifty years old and 150 students are aged 60 up.
Moreover, around 49.5 percent of program learners are high school students.
This shows that learning need will change to satisfy job requirements. Eleven graduate students enrolled to learn in the programs while 196 others enrolled master programs.
The male and female undergraduate ratio in higher education programs is equal, proving that gender equality in learning need.


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