Ho Chi Minh City trains teachers to teach new textbooks

In its report to the municipal People’s Committee, the Department of Education and Training said that it is going to train primary teachers who are going to teach new textbooks.

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Illustrative photo

The Department reported to the city People’s Committee that five sets of textbooks approved by the Ministry in 2018 were all selected by primary schools in the city.
Schools are given autonomy to select sets of textbooks. Primary schools in HCMC have chosen their textbooks for the new academic year. All five sets of textbooks were chosen by schools.
Respectively, schools registered to buy the set “Chan troi sang tao”( Inventive horizon) compiled by the Vietnam Education Publishing House most with 121,195 literature textbooks; 118,161 mathematic textbooks and 119,919 social and natural science.
The textbook set “Canh dieu” ( Kites) published by the Pedagogy University Publishing House was also a favorite set with 20,881 literature textbooks; 23,079 mathematic textbooks and 18,990 social and natural textbooks were ordered.
A few schools have chosen the set “Vi su binh dang va dan chu trong giao duc” ( For the equality and democracy in education), the set “Ket noi tri thuc voi cuoc song” ( Connectign knowledge and life) and the set “Cung hoc de phat trien nang luc” ( Learning mutually to develop one’s own ability) all published by the Vietnam Education Publishing House.
English textbook “Family and Friends” of the set Chan troi sang tao were chosen by many schools with registered number of 86,942 followed by “I-learn Smart start” and “Explore our world” of the set canh dieu with the registered number of 40,308 and 3,135 respectively.
Furthermore, the Department reported that it will work with universities to provide training to teachers who will teach first graders the new textbooks sets for the first phase from 2019 to June, 2020.
For the second phase from June, 2020 to June, 2021, the city will continue training teachers who will teach second graders while from June, 2021 to June, 2022 teachers of third grades will receive training and from June, 2022 to July, 2023 teachers of fourth and fifth graders will be trained
“One curriculum, many sets of textbooks”, a new policy which has been taken effect, welcomes publishing houses in Vietnam to compile textbooks, ending the Vietnam Education Publishing House long-held monopoly. Textbook selection requires teachers to assess them properly, according to the opinion of educationists.

By Thu Tam - Translated by Dan Thuy

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