HCMC school organizes first online tests for senior high schoolers

Senior High School Nguyen Du in District 10 yesterday held a mid-semester test for twelve graders in which students did test on computer connecting with internet. Students received test score shortly after finishing 25 multiple questions.

HCMC school organizes first online tests for senior high schoolers

This is the first time the school has organized the online tests.

School Headmaster Huynh Thanh Phu said online test is one of the steps of changing examination form for both developing learners’ creativeness and saving time for teachers.

The software built by a private company is comprised of designing homework for students with automatic scoring system which will provide marks soon, separated test question bank, blending tests to create different new ones.

Presently, the test question bank installed by the software contains 150,000 multiple choice questions of Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History,  Geography, and foreign language. After piloting online Math test, the school will organize online tests of the remaining subjects.

Twelve grader Phan Nguyen Duc Trong supported the online test because of its transparency in scoring and doing test procedure limiting intervention of human during the procedure.

The online tests were held to pave the way for new form of examination, saving time for teachers and develop students’ creativeness.

BY THU TAM - Translated by HAI SON

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