HCMC proposes special mechanism for education development

The education sector in Ho Chi Minh City has petitioned the Ministry of Education and Training for a special mechanism to make a breakthrough in the sector.
The Department of Education and Training organized a meeting to report results of the implementation of Resolution 54/2017 on piloting special mechanisms and policies to bolster HCMC's development passed by the National Assembly.
HCMC proposes special mechanism for education development ảnh 1
Accordingly, investment in the education sector accounts for 25-28 percent of the city-state budget. Specifically, the city has built additional 519 preschools for the 2012-2020 academic year and the rate of professional teachers is 69 percent. Sixteen schools have achieved international and regional levels.
Currently, the city keeps children aged from 6 to 18 months old and offers overtime care service for kids of workers in industrial parks and export processing zones. Moreover, city authorities have invested in facilities for private nurseries in industrial parks and export processing zones.
Seventy-three percent of primary schoolers learn two shifts a day.
Thirty-six junior high schools are located in the city and 22 senior high schools gained the national level. HCMC administrations have completed the construction plan of schools in five outlying districts. In comparison with 2012, the number of private-owned schools has increased by 474; mostly preschools.
Overpopulation has put pressure on school construction and the improvement of teaching and learning quality.
Large classes and heavy academic curriculum have resulted in extra-class at teachers’ private houses.
Therefore, the city's education agency petitioned the Ministry to give it a special mechanism for implementation of solutions which hopefully bring out a breakthrough in the education sector. For instance, students of schools for gifted students can earn credits for some subjects delivered in universities.
Additionally, the Ministry should allow schools and teachers to have periodic evaluations of students’ progress and the Department of Education and Training will assess students in mid-term and at the end of the academic year.
The Ministry should allow big cities and provinces to organize examinations for high school graduation. The Ministry will organize tests to assess the teaching and learning quality of each city and province periodically as per international standards.

By Thu Tam - Translated by Dan Thuy

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