HCMC issues safety assessment criteria in schools

The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has just issued an official set of safety assessment criteria in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic in schools.
HCMC issues safety assessment criteria in schools ảnh 1
Accordingly, after four times of adjustment following public opinions, the set of criteria for school safety assessment was officially issued with 10 articles.
In particular, in the criteria’s first article, teachers, managers, and staff members at preschool educational institutions, general education institutions, foreign language centers, educational institutions providing life skills and extracurricular activities in the city must have a green QR code showing the vaccination history in the Department of Health’s application or the electronic health book or the PC-Covid.
Without the green QR code, they must produce the following documents including a Covid-19 certificate for healed persons (that they have been cured for less than 6 months) or a certificate of full vaccination.
If teachers and staff members at a school are not all vaccinated, the school will fail the criteria.
In the second article of the set of assessment criteria, a school must meet the number of classes and kids in a classroom as per the education sector’s regulations.
Apart from public schools, private schools with 15 kids in a classroom will meet the assessment criteria. The third article in the assessment criteria is about the distance between kids and teachers. According to the criteria, the distance between teachers and kids in a classroom must be one meter.
In addition, the set of criteria also has several other criteria. According to the assessment criteria, children, teachers, staff members at a school should regularly wash their hands with soap or sanitizer before entering class and have clean eating utensils for each person. Moreover, cleaning and disinfecting toys, tables and chairs, floors, toilets, outdoor game areas are also in criteria.
In addition, educational institutions must set up isolation rooms and Covid-19 prevention plans as well as establish a Covid-19 safety team. Schools were advised not to provide lunch, pick-up services, and semi-boarding activities.
Pre-schools should not operate after 4:30 p.m., and high schools are encouraged not to organize boarding activities according to the assessment criteria.
Based on this set of criteria, educational institutions are evaluated to achieve a high level of safety if they meet 8-10 criteria articles. These educational institutions will be allowed to organize education and caring activities.
These schools attain 6-7 criteria, they are allowed to organize child care and education activities, but they must overcome the failing component criteria to achieve at least 8 composition criteria within 48 hours.
In particular, for foreign language and informatics centers, facilities providing life skills education and extracurricular activities, the number of classes and the number of students in each class are required to be less than 50 percent of the maximum number of students according to the approved  class size when licensing the operation.

By Thu Tam - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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