HCMC improves career consultation quality for students

To enhance the quality of career consultation at high schools and routing high school and secondary school students, schools in Ho Chi Minh City have had approaches including direct career guidance for students, indirect consultations through brochures, on websites, and career counselling apps.
At the conference on career consultation and introduction of models for career guidance task for the academic year 2020-2021 on Tuesday hosted by the municipal Department of Education and Training, Dr. Dao Le Hoa An from the Vietnam Association of Psychology and Education said that according to a statistics of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs in the fourth quarter in 2019, 218,000 bachelor's degree or higher were jobless.
HCMC improves career consultation quality for students ảnh 1 Students of Vo Thi Sau High School ask questions about future jobs (Photo: SGGP)
Meanwhile, present tuition fee at universities averages at VND25 million (US$1,086) per student yearly. That means a graduate pay for VND100 million for four years of pursuing higher education. “If that amount of money is multiplied by 218,000, VND 21,000 billion was wasted in 2019. This is the huge loss of the society”, Dr. Dao Le Hoa An analyzed.
In another aspect, many sophomores and juniors dropped out of universities and switched to other majors because they realized that they were not well suited to their current majors. Accordingly, Dr. Dao Le Hoa An pointed out that many people have still mistakenly thought career consultation means guidance on choosing a favorite job and a suitable university. In fact,  the fundamental essence of the issue is that career guidance - a continuous process - impacts on learners while they are still in schools and experience four to five years of intense training to realize what job is most suitable with them.
According to many career consultants, the Ministry of Education and Training has been using results of the national high school exam for universities and colleges admissions from 2015 till now. In 2020, the rate of students using the national high school exam results for university enrollment made up more than 50 percent, which slightly decreased in comparison with 2019 as universities added different admission approaches including direct admission, assessment of academic performance reports, or aptitude test results. Therefore, students need to learn about all types of admission to make the most suitable choice.
In the project on vocational and separating junior high schoolers with good academic performance and bad academic performance for the 2018 – 2025 period approved by the Prime Minister, the country strives that all of junior and senior high schools deliver vocational education and training program attached with local production, business and service by 2025.
To achieve the goal, Trinh Duy Trong from the municipal Department of Education and Training said that schools need to take heed of renovation in the curriculum, educational approaches and models of vocational training. Specifically, renovation in vocational training can carried out through extra-activities in schools as well as inform students about vocational facility addresses, policies for learners in these special schools and startup opportunities and employment opportunities.
In the coming time, when implementing the educational program, high schools will increase consultation of job.

By Thu Tam – Translated by Anh Quan

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