HCMC honors students with good performance

The Youth Communist Union in Ho Chi Minh City organized a ceremony to mark 68th anniversary of Traditional Day of Vietnamese students and Vietnam Students' Association at the Youth Cultural House.

HCMC honors students with good performance

At the ceremony, the union applauded good students who both study well and actively participate in school movements.
Reviewing the tradition of students in the country’s revolutionary movement in 1968, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Youth Communist Nguyen Viet Que Son said that generation of students tried to study hard and participate in activities for the community’s benefits to continue good tradition of previous generations.

On behalf of the Party Committee, deputy Party chief of Ho Chi Minh City Vo Thi Dung praised students’ efforts for years expecting that they will continue to try more to deserve with their families’ love.

“Students with Five Good Performances” title were presented to outstanding 102 students and two teams in recognition of their brilliant academic results and contributions to the students’ movements.
Additionally, more 113 good students titled “Students are active in movements” were commended at the ceremony.

Deputy Party chief Vo Thi Dung, Deputy Chairwoman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Thi Thu and thousands of university students attended the event.


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