HCMC honors 73 teachers teaching students with disabilities

This morning, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training in collaboration with the city education sector’s labor union organized a meeting with the theme "Nhung Doa Hong Tham Lang”(Silent Roses) in 2021 to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher's Day falling on November 20.
HCMC honors 73 teachers teaching students with disabilities ảnh 1 At the meeting 
Speaking at the exchange, Chairwoman of the Ho Chi Minh City Education Sector's Trade Union Nguyen Thi Gai said that one of the greatest of the challenges faced by a teacher this time is how to balance work and family life, between traditional teaching methods and innovative methods, individualization education. "Silent Roses" is not only a title but a recognition of bright examples of kindness, conscience, and responsibility for the teaching profession of educators who teach special needs students.
Despite their difficulties in daily lives, teachers of students with special needs have made great efforts to overcome their dilemmas to keep teaching.
Ms. Gai said that being a teacher in special education, teachers face a variety of obstacles that require a particular kind of focus and patience, but with love for children, a teacher will receive a feeling of accomplishment when a student becomes a good citizen.
Sharing at the meeting, Ms. Pham Thi Kim Loan, an expert in primary education and special education under the Department of Education and Training in District 10, said that all individual students have special educational needs and abilities; therefore, they will have their development abilities despite limitations of physical, language and behavior if they receive appropriate support. Schools and educators need to plan the environment, schedule, and daily activities to promote each child's development and learning.
However, Ms. Kim Loan revealed that there have been no special policies for educators and managers in schools for children with special needs though they ought to work hard.
In addition, there has not been a special program to teach children with disabilities life skills education and career guidance programs; consequently, their chances of integrating into the community and living a life 'as normal and full as possible' have been decreased a hundredfold.
Teacher Dinh Lan Phuong, a teacher of children with multiple disabilities at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Special High School, said that the relationship between teachers, parents, and the school is significant in helping students to develop their skills.
Being a disabled person, teacher Phuong understands very well the difficulties of people with disabilities as well as the worries and expectations of parents and family members. With the love and patience for children with disabilities, the young teacher has trained students on how to hold a spoon, change clothes, and how to write a word.
For the young teacher, the feeling of happiness is simply hearing her students say a word, or they can hug her and call her ma’am.
According to teacher Ta Le Nhat Vy at Nguyen Hue Primary School in District 1, students’ progress and achievement can be used as evidence for teachers’ efforts. Teachers always do their best with their assigned responsibilities so that not a single student is left behind.
On this occasion, the Trade Union of Ho Chi Minh City Education Industry also rewarded the winning teams and individuals in the contests "Union organization - Gratitude during the epidemic season", essay writing contest with the theme "Humanity on Earth" for honoring frontline people in the fight against Covid-19" and composers of video clip competition with the theme "Happy day back to school".

By Thu Tam - Translated by Anh Quan

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