Gender notion to be included in textbooks in Vietnam

30 educators in the country have completed a document of gender equality education which will be included in textbooks, said representatives of the Ministry of Education and Training at a meeting yesterday in Hanoi.

The meeting was held by the MoET and UNESCO. A representative from the ministry said that textbooks will be updated by adding more information of progressive views of gender equality which will bring proper understanding of gender equality amongst students of all grades.

For instance, in the natural and social sciences textbook of the first grade, pictures of studying activities of schoolgirls and schoolboys; or activities of mother and father in the family will be  re-written to  offer a  clear awareness of the equality between female and male in school, family and social activities.

Similarly, literature works in senior and junior high schools will be selected and teachers should not stress on humble status of women but show the role of women in the modern time.

By Bich Quyen – translated by Uyen Phuong

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