France bestows North Star medal to Vietnamese university female rector

Consul General of France in Ho Chi Minh City  Emmanuel Ly-Batallan granted the North Star Medal to Dr. Bui Tran Phuong – the rector of the Ho Chi Minh City-based Hoa Sen University at the French Consulate yesterday.

The decree to offer the medal to Ms. Phuong was signed by the France’s President on July 1, 2014. The award is proof of Ms. Phuong’s contribution to promotion of the cooperative relationship between the two countries in cultural and educational fields.

Before, Mrs. Bui Tran Phuong was awarded the title of Knight of the Legion of Honor (Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur) signed by the France’s President on March 30, 2012. The Legion of Honor medal is awarded by the French government annually to French citizens and foreigners who have made special contributions to France and the country they live in, thus enhancing relations between the two countries. The Medal has five main levels, of which Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur (Knight) is the highest ranking.

The Legion of Honor is the highest medal awarded in the Republic of France. It was first initiated by Napoleon Bonaparte on May 19, 1802.

By Tuan Hoang – Translated by Anh Quan

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