Education sector launches program to donate computers for students

The education sector in Ho Chi Minh City has launched a program to donate computers to help kids with a return to online learning because according to primary statistics, approximately 77,000 students in the southern metropolis don’t have computers for remote learning.

Education sector launches program to donate computers for students ảnh 1 A child is learning online in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)
Plus, 50 and 70 percent of students in disadvantaged provinces don’t have digital learning tools for online learning and many remote villages still have no internet connection, according to preliminary statistics.
These days, the Covid-19 pandemic has been reoccurring complicatedly and exerting severe impacts on socio-economic life, especially on the education sector.
Hence, the shift to online learning is very necessary and inevitable. However, some destitute parents can provide devices for all their kids; as a result, it is heartbreaking that thousands of students are deprived of education just because he or she does not have a smartphone or a computer to attend online classes.
Therefore, the Prime Minister directed the implementation of the program “Sóng và máy tính cho em” (Internet connection and computers for students).
Carrying out the Prime Minister’s direction, the Ministry of Education and Training has dispatched its document about the donation of computers for children to directors of the education departments and chairpersons of trade unions in universities and academies, and pedagogical colleges to mobilize all financial aid in the education sector to support students who can’t afford online learning devices.
At first, disadvantaged localities and high-risk infected areas will be a top priority for the donation of computers.
The Minister of Education and Training and chairpersons of trade unions in universities and academies proposed departments of education and training and colleges to launch of computer supporting program at units. Moreover, teaching members in each school should donate a one-day wage to the program.
According to the brief survey of the Ministry of Education and Training, teachers and students have bumped into many difficulties on the first days of the new academic year 2021-2022, particularly in localities that are practicing social distancing.
Besides, because of limited connections, poor-quality teaching apps, and a shortage of online learning devices, many schools have not been working well so far.
Furthermore, primary schools have been experiencing many obstacles in learning on the internet because most of their students are not familiar with using computers.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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