Education Ministry prohibits smoking, alcohol drinking in schools

Education Minister on Thursday issued a directive to ban smoking and drinking in educational facilities.

The directive said that tobacco-use is prohibited in premises of university, institute, and education management facilities as well as preschools, senior and junior high schools, IT and language teaching centers.

The minister also asked colleges to add anti-tobacco content to annual plans and consider compliance with the directive as a standard for bonus and emulation titles.

The Ministry of Education and Training will enhance inspection of sales and marketing of tobacco products in schools. Selling and marketing of tobacco near schools have also been banned since 2010.

It will also liaise with local administrations to step efforts to prevent sales and marketing of beer and wine outside of  educational facilities. Inspectors will coordinate with local medical clinics to provide consultation on how to detoxify from nicotine for smokers.

The directive also do not allow goverment workers in all schools to drink alcohol beverage during working hours and lunch.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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