Disabled students get through a lot of adversity in pursuit of education

Being disabled doesn’t means the end to any hopes of pursuing an education for Vietnamese people. This academic year, many people with disabilities have become students of a higher education facilities – making their dream come true.

Bui Thi Hau walks in the school with the assistance of her friend (Photo: SGGP)

Bui Thi Hau walks in the school with the assistance of her friend (Photo: SGGP)

Twenty-two year old girl from the Northern Province of Nam Dinh Bui Thi Hau, a visually impaired person, has enrolled successfully into Van Hien University’s English faculty. She was blind at birth despite paying visits to hospitals.
Hau said she was so disappointed at hearing doctors’ explanation of her illness. Her childhood was filled with sad stories. Being allowed to live in Thien An social home by a priest in 2008, she played with her friends who are children with disabilities where she was inspired to pursue studying.
Hau loves playing musical instruments, writing short stories and learning English. She has a passion for English as she believed the foreign language could her to have better future. Most of the people around her thought she merely finished the fifth grade; however, she has made efforts to complete 12th grade and now she is able to pursue higher education.
She was informed that Van Hien will grant scholarships for disabled students in English faculty; therefore, she enrolled into the faculty though she has known many difficulties are waiting for her ahead yet she told herself to overcome all.
This academic year, Lac Hong University accepted enrolment of a boy without hands. Ho Huu Hanh from the Southern Province of Dong Nai’s Dinh Quan District is nicknamed penguin as he is handless.
He has made sustained efforts to graduate from high school. This academic year, he decided to enroll in IT faculty of Lac Hong University to complete his dream of becoming an IT engineer.
He decided to enter the university because he admired students of Lac Hong school who participated in local and international competitions though he was granted VND100 million for four year learning in other school.
He revealed ; “President of Lac Hong University teacher Do Huu Tai has given financial assistance to Hanh from 2008; he wanted to learn in the school and take part in international competition like senior students ”.
Disabled students get through a lot of adversity in pursuit of education ảnh 1 Ho Huu Hanh is using his computer  by legs (Photo: SGGP)
Hanh’s strong determination has helped him to do all household choirs and he was able to use computer when he was at third grade. His computer set was gifted by a munificent benefactor. Thanks to the computer, Hanh discovered the world by learning everything in internet.
Presently, he is running some online advertisement for some enterprises to earn money and consolidate what he has learnt.
He shared; “ Without hand, I use my legs. At first I had some difficulties but later I got used to it. Everyone has their own difficulties; therefore, I am grateful for life as I can enjoy love from people around.
Last year, an entrepreneur sponsored him a trip to Google Asia-Pacific headquarter in Singapore, he is more determined to learn IT.

By Thanh Hung - Translated by Anh Quan

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