Chairpersons in cities, provinces given authority for closure of schools

Following the complex development of Covid-19 in the country, chairpersons in cities and provinces have been given authority for closure of schools.
In his direction on urgent measures against Covid-19 in educational facilities across the country, Education Minister Phung Xuan Nha asked departments of education and training to work with related agencies and sectors to consult people’s committees in cities and provinces about closure of preschools and high schools.
All educational institutions will switch to online teaching and learning.
The Ministry of Education and Training requested its departments and high educational institutions to strictly implement urgently preventative measures against Covid-19 as per requirements by the Prime Minister and the Steering Board of Covid-19 Prevention.
Additionally, school managers must enhance precautious measures to ensure the safety of preschoolers, students in all grades and teaching staffs.
Last but not least, schools must increase medical equipment including machines for temperature screening, disinfectant as well as disinfect its premises. Information of the disease should be updated regularly to make people understand the situation and raise their awareness of the pandemic.
Schools must work with departments of health and local medical centers to keep an eye on preschoolers’ health condition, teaching staffs for early discovery of infected people to curb the Covid-19 spread in schools. Violators will receive severe penalties.
Schools in Hanoi had quick reaction on January 28 right after the news of Covid-19 outbreaks. School managers informed students that they are allowed to stay at home and all extra-activities outside educational facilities have been delayed until further notice.
Hanoi University of Science and Technology announced to close school from February to 7 and students can enjoy Tet holiday ( the Lunar New Year) from February 8 as per the prior announcement.
Foreign Trade University in Hanoi also released announcement to close the school from January 29. Hanoi-based Thuongmai University also adjusted its Tet holiday plan and its learning plan for the second semester of the academic 2020-2021.
At the same time, scores of universities in Hanoi permitted students to stay at home and switched into online teaching and learning. University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, University of Economics and Business announced online teaching and learning since January 29. They also delayed examination in these days.
Tu Lien Preschool in Tay Ho District announced all children should stay at home because the Covid-19 infected employee in Van Don Airport is uncle of one student in the school.

By Phan Thao - Translated by Anh Quan

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