E-commerce platform for high-quality Vietnamese-made goods launched

The Business Association of High-Quality Vietnamese Products in coordination with the Digital Transformation for SMEs Group (DTS) launched the e-commerce platform for high-quality Vietnamese-made goods.

All members of the Business Association of High-Quality Vietnamese Products are entitled to use the platform http://hvnclc.chophienonline.vn which will help promote members’ brands as well as help customers buy high-quality and genuine goods.

Each of the association’s member has a virtual booth in the platform and an account to post information of their products in the platform. The Business Association of High-Quality Vietnamese Products and DTS will provide training of e-commerce, marketing and sales solutions to businesses.

On the occasion of the platform launch, the first market day of high-quality Vietnamese -made goods has been organized from January 23 to February 5 in http://chotethvnclc.chophienonline.vn.

The market day in the platform will display safe commodities with clear indication of origin to serve consumers’ increasing demand during the country’s special holiday.

The market day attracted the participation of cuisine, confectionery, fashion, jewelry businesses and interior design firms, sports stores and other companies. Enterprises have launched promotion programs as well as offered discount prices and small gifts for customers, all of which have helped the platform become a trusty place for consumers.

The establishment of the platform also assisted enterprises to sell more, satisfy consumers’ demands and increase the prevention of Covid-19 as well as follow the government’s request of digital transformation.