Drill for information system protection launched

The Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Department of Information and Communications held the event ‘Training and Drill for Information System Protection in HCMC’ for 68 technicians specializing in information technology of state departments, sectors, and districts in the city.

Drill for information system protection launched

The content of this event was prepared by experts in information security from universities and research institutes.

Participants of the event were first updated with necessary and latest skills in information protection. They were instructed on methods in accordance with global standards to prevent, recognize and handle problems, recover data regarding information security.

Through sufficient theory and practice on real systems with modern equipment, trainees were able to master technical procedures that were introduced.

This event aims at gradually improving the level of the technician staff in state departments, sectors, and district of HCMC. It also focuses on building, piloting, and examining certain reaction procedures against cyber attacks.

The event contributes to evaluating the true professional level and availability of the information security staff in HCMC.